5 Perfect Vegan Valentine's Day Gifts & Date Ideas

5 Perfect Vegan Valentine's Day Gifts & Date Ideas

So you’re at a loss as to what to get your lovely lover on Valentine’s Day? When one of you is vegan, you can’t just get any old box of chocolates like you might have done in the past.

But never fear! We have a collection of the best vegan Valentine's Day gifts to give you some awesome ideas!

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If you are new to vegan gift-giving, there are a few things you need to know about what you should and shouldn’t give to a vegan.

Generally, as long as the Valentine’s gift doesn’t contain animal-derived ingredients or test on animals, you’re good to go. But how do you know if your present has any of those blacklisted items in it?

Read our guide on vegan gift-giving to find out more. 

    Without keeping you waiting any longer, here are my 5 best Valentine’s Day vegan gift giving ideas.

    #1 A Vegan Pamper Hamper

    Flat lay of Pink Pamper Hamper - Vegan Gift Box

    Make it all about them with our smooth and lovely Vegan Pamper Hamper. It is stuffed with luxurious items made especially to relax and rejuvenate! 

    The Pamper Hamper is perfect for a special Valentine’s Day because you can set the mood together by first lighting up our soy wax candle. Next, run yourselves a nice hot bath filled with the Epsom salts and flower petals and spend quality time together. Apply the soothing face mask and keep a bottle of champagne close.

    Then at the end of the bath, give each other a massage using the moisturising lotion. If that doesn’t all sound romantic, I don’t know what does!

    #2 A Vegan Chocolate Valentine’s Gift Box


    Chocolates are the quintessential Valentine’s gift, aren’t they? However, finding a box of vegan chocolates nearby will probably prove to be difficult, if not impossible. The solution? Buy your Valentine’s vegan chocolates online!

    We specialise in vegan hampers and we have two that are filled with our favourite vegan chocolates, perfect for a vegan Valentine's Day! 

    The first of our vegan Valentine’s treats is The Sweet Tooth Hamper, ideal for those aching for non-vegan sweets and want the vegan replacements! This vegan Valentine’s box is filled with vegan “Marshmallows”, fruit gums, vegan “Maltesers”, vegan chocolate bars and lots more! 

    Our other vegan chocolate hamper; the Choc O'Clock, focuses only on the main event… Vegan chocolate! Featuring vegan “Maltesers”, a crispy chocolate block, cocoa dusted macadamias, and a healthy but delicious hemp and coconut milk chocolate bar. 

    #3 Cook Something Special (and Vegan of Course!)

    couple cooking for vegan valentines day date ideas

    Cooking for your loved one is a budget-friendly but especially romantic way to show your appreciation. You could cook your partner’s favourite dish, or perhaps make something super decadent that you don’t usually eat, like vegan brownies or cheesecake. 

    Don’t know where to even start with vegan cooking? Grab our Vegan Starter Kit full of essential vegan pantry staples, and you’ll be well on your way to cooking your first vegan dish!

    #4 Go for a Picnic in the Park with Vegan Cheese and Spreads

    Picnic in the park for Perfect Vegan Valentine's Day Gifts and Date Ideas

    A picnic is a lot less cooking than the previous option, but just as special. Head over to your local health food store and grab some of the most delicious nut cheeses you can find! We love macadamia feta and cashew nut cream cheese - YUM! Pair it with some olives, hummus, baba ganoush, beetroot dip or whatever vegan treats tickle your fancy. 

    Pack it all up in a cooler bag with a bottle of vegan wine, grab a rug or beach towel and head to someplace with a nice view so you can spend time staring into each other's eyes over decadent vegan cheese... ¡Que romántico!

    #5 Take Them on a Date to Their Fave Vegan Restaurant

    Couple in restaurant for Perfect Vegan Valentine's Day Gifts and Date Ideas

    Stick to the tried and true romantic gestures and take your partner to their favourite vegan restaurant. We suppose you already know which places they like..? But if you don’t, use the Happy Cow website to find good vegan restaurants near you!

    By going to a 100% vegan restaurant, you are not only supporting local vegan businesses (always a good thing) but it’s also going to make the vegan in the relationship sooooooo happy that they can actually eat EVERYTHING on the menu. We think that’s going to make your Valentine’s date night dinner so much more special!

    What Now?

    We hope you’ve found this guide on the best vegan Valentine's Day gifts in Australia super helpful. 

    If you know of a Valentine’s gift for vegans that really should be on this list, please comment with it below and we will take a look at it. This list is a work in progress and we will be constantly updating and adding to it.

    Now go forth and be kind with vegan Valentine’s gifts that make every-body happy!

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