Hi there!

We are Jodie and Crystal, two ordinary Australians on a mission to help others to find the compassion within them and do their part in changing the world for the better. 

These quotes above sum up our approach towards our vegan journey. We want to motivate you to do what’s right in your own time and in your own way. We aim to help you to find enjoyment in discovering a new way of living. 

Everyone is on a journey, and we encourage you to go on yours.

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Crystal and Jodie's Vegan Journey

We are a couple hailing from the mid-north coast of Australia. We both love travelling to unique destinations, nurturing house plants, and animals. 

Crystal was an avid “meatless mondays” participant for years, but making such a big lifestyle change like going vegan just seemed so hard and unachievable at the time. 

Below are some of the things that held us back from going vegan back then. There’s a good chance you’ll recognise some of these in your own thinking:

  • We didn’t know where to even start
  • We REALLY liked the taste of meat
  • We believed that meat was what made our dishes taste good
  • We didn’t know how to cook vegan food
  • Crystal was addicted to full cream milk in her tea
  • Jodie loved a cheese platter too much
  • We didn’t have time to think about it much, or consider it
  • The people we lived with and ate food with weren’t vegan
  • We loved travelling overseas and thought our holidays wouldn’t be as good if we didn’t eat meat
  • We thought going vegan would be expensive
  • We didn’t know if being vegan would provide all the nutrients we needed
  • We thought all vegans were the farm activists we saw in the media and we couldn’t really relate to them

What Changed?

We started seriously considering veganism around mid-2018, during our trip to meat-loving Mexico. We can’t put a finger on what planted the seed exactly, but it was probably a mixture of seeing so much meat consumed, coupled with the vegan videos we saw come up on social media that really affected us. 

The connection between the animals that we loved and the food we were eating was starting to appear and once we saw it, it was impossible to unsee. 

Sometime during those months in Mexico that we made a pact to give veganism a try once we returned home to Australia. And so, our vegan journey began. 

In January 2019 we tried out Veganuary; a challenge where participants go vegan for a month. It is run by UK organisers, so much of the advice and the community building is UK-centric. During this challenge we realised two things:

  1. Going vegan is daunting
  2. There isn’t much support for vegans in Australia

Sure, there is loads of support in general, but we were after localised advice on what products to buy at our local supermarkets, how to keep the costs down on vegan food in Australia, nutrition information, and recipes that we could make with Australian ingredients. We didn’t know what nutritional yeast or activated almonds were. Even just finding a decent plant-based milk in Australia proved challenging, since everyone’s advice was for milk that wasn’t even sold in Australia yet!

We decided in January to find a way to help other Australians go vegan. We came up with the idea to build a vegan supermarket online - filled with all the most amazing treats and vegan food goodies that exist in Australia. 

But our dream wasn’t just to provide a place for Australian vegans to shop. We would also build a community centred around other Australians (just like us!) who want to go vegan but aren’t sure exactly how to do it. 

We live to spread our positivity and good vibes across this country and show you that going vegan isn’t as hard as it may seem at first.


We will evolve together

All you need to start is the desire to make a difference! 

Veganism is a journey, and for some it is a major lifestyle change. We aren’t here to make you feel guilty, but instead to pick you up and guide you on your new path towards a more compassionate lifestyle. 


There’s no such thing as the perfect vegan. But we want to help you feel good about making choices daily that come from the heart.


💛 Animals are sentient beings that feel pain and do not want to die

💛 By going vegan you are saving the lives of around 7 animals per week

💛 Veganism is the single most effective thing a person can do to fight climate change at home

💛 A vegan diet can give all the nutrients a human body needs (with the exception of vitamin b12)

About Our Company

PS I’m Vegan was founded with a clear goal in mind: to make it easier for every Australian to go vegan. 

We make going vegan easy by meticulously researching all our facts and information before simplifying it and passing our findings on to you!

These are our key business objectives:

  • To make going vegan easier for Australians like you
  • To make veganism more accessible to all Australians
  • To provide a non-judgemental community focussed around positivity, feeling good and doing good
  • To offer personal support to all Australians no matter where they are on their journey
  • To provide an online website anyone can turn to for free vegan information and recipes
  • To listen to the needs of transitioning vegans and cater to those needs as best we can
  • To keep the cost of being vegan as low as possible
  • To minimise the carbon footprint of the business, and use recycled or eco products and packaging as much as possible

Veganism is only getting stronger and more popular every day, especially in Australia. 

According to Google, in 2018 Australia had the highest percentage of searches for the word “vegan” in the world. This shows Australians are hugely interested in knowing more about veganism.

We plan to be here and do our part for the major shift in people’s thinking that lays ahead. 


Change is coming!

And it is for good.