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Our aim is to assist you in making the switch to vegan. We hope to guide you and hold your hand along the way of this empowering and life-changing journey. 

We know that making such a huge lifestyle change can be hard.

But we believe that everyone strives to be a better version of themselves. We believe that in your heart you are compassionate and ready for change. 

Top Reasons to Go Vegan

  1. To cause the least amount of harm possible to other beings 
  2. To protect the environment and all the animals within it 
  3. To help fight climate change
  4. For better health and happiness 
  5. The grain used to feed livestock could feed the world's hunger

There are many reasons why people go vegan, some of them personal, others not. The above is just a quick example of some top reasons why should you go vegan.

Why Go Vegan?

Our article explains the reasons to go vegan and we reveal some pretty shocking facts about the animal agriculture industry, the environment and your health.

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There are many really solid reasons why people would want to go vegan. In fact, it is probably the most logical way to eat and live.

Why cause unnecessary harm?  Why risk your health? Why cause even more damage to the Earth?

Instead of asking

why do people go vegan?

it should be asked

why do people NOT go vegan?

The simple answer to that is that change is hard.

When we strip back everything it comes down to the fact that people are often happy with routine and are comfortable in their life; knowing what they know. Being confronted with such a major lifestyle change only makes the thought of going vegan uncomfortable. 

But we are here to make that change as easy as possible and show you that transitioning to a vegan diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the things you love.

Instead, it just means you will need to swap some things in your diet and lifestyle and replace them with others. This is the secret to a happy vegan.

Strive for a better future FOR ALL and be a part of the change!

We are here to show you how.

How We Will Help You Go Vegan

To help you with transitioning to vegan, we have put together a variety of really useful resources aimed at giving you the support you need. We are Australians running an Australian-based business, meaning all of our products and advice will be country-specific and help you, locally.

Our Best Vegan Transition Resources

  1. An active support group on facebook that runs challenges aimed at helping you navigate the transition and understand vegan nutrition, reasons, and health
  2. A complete vegan starter kit that includes products needed in the first month as well as a booklet to guide you through the going vegan transition
  3. Articles full of great tips for how to go vegan and information about the diet benefits of going vegan

Each resource is there to support you in a different way. Which one you choose to use will depend on what you think will work best for you and your current lifestyle. 

These are the support options we provide to help you when discovering how to transition to vegan.

The Facebook Group

If you think you need support from other people on the same vegan journey as you, then our group: The Vegan Sidekicks will definitely be for you. All of our activities aim to create a strong community centred around a common goal. To be a kick-ass vegan! 

The Mailed Starter Kit Box 

The Vegan Starter Kit is filled with all the products you will need to get you through the first month or two of becoming vegan. It is full of non-perishable food products, a fillable booklet that allows you to follow the steps at your own pace, and a shopping list ready to be taken along on your first supermarket shop. If we had had something like this to help us turn vegan, it sure would have been a whole lot easier!

This Website

Lastly, this website is also full of useful articles bursting with vital information and life-changing tips and tricks aimed at expanding your knowledge and broadening your mind when starting a vegan diet. Just use the search button to find what you need to know.


Vegan Starter Kit

Need help going vegan?

Our AMAZING Starter Kit will put you on the right path! 

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Why Are We the Best People to Help You Go Vegan?

We have been where you are now. We wanted to live more compassionately, but we just didn’t know how to make the change. We tried and tested, did ‘Veganuary’ and other vegan challenges, we read loads of books, and we energetically joined vegan groups asking a bunch of questions. 

For us, it was hard to start eating vegan because at the time we started thinking about eating and living more compassionately, we were travelling around Latin America and simply didn’t have the time or resources to be confident in a complete switch. Instead, we ate vegetarian as much as possible. Finally, when we returned home to Australia we lived in a household of meat-lovers who we cooked for and whom cooked for us. During our time in this accommodation, we tried out Veganuary and although we enjoyed it and wanted to keep going, we didn’t have the money to buy all of our own food and simply had to eat what everyone else was eating. 

These experiences and hiccups planted the seed in our minds and laid down the foundations of transitioning to a vegan diet. We knew we wanted to make this change in our life, and so we started building our life around the up and coming inevitable change. We set a date, and we did it. And we haven’t looked back since. 

Everyone has a different life, and a lot of people aren’t brought up with the consciousness and morals around eating animals that we have today. Maybe your parents don’t support the vegan lifestyle, or you don’t have much control over what you eat right now. Instead of just charging into a completely new lifestyle, only to find it too hard to maintain down the track, we suggest laying down foundations and working towards where you want to be. Strong foundations will ensure you feel confident and ready, powerful and resolute. They will help you stay vegan, even when you find it really hard to be.

What is Vegan, Exactly?

Below is the Vegan Society’s definition of veganism and is perhaps the most used and widely accepted. The concept of veganism is primarily built around love and appreciation of all sentient beings.

“Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.”

The Vegan Society

A vegan is a person with strong ethics and deep compassion for animals and the earth. They believe all sentient beings have a right to live and know that humans do not need to eat animals to survive. They live a life according to a strong set of morals and aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in. 

Most vegans start out by implementing changes to their diet, then slowly modify other parts of their life, like replacing leather shoes with vegan shoes, giving away fur or cashmere clothing and replacing cosmetics with those not tested on animals.

Far too often people shrug off the idea of veganism for fear of missing a particular food, or they try veganism but end up giving it up in its entirety for similar reasons. This is often the result of jumping into veganism too quickly with too little preparation. That’s why it is so important to take the transition at a pace that works for you so that it’s sustainable.


What Can Vegans Eat?

When trying to decipher how to eat vegan, just think about any product that is derived from plants. There are heaps of different foods that are made with plants, right?

We don’t like the idea of restricting what we eat, instead think it is a good idea to swap out our usual products with vegan versions of the same items. Instead of milk, we use nut milk. Instead of eggs, we use applesauce or no-egg replacer. Instead of cheese, there is an assortment of replacements you could try, depending on the dish.

There is a great array of vegan foods to discover and it is really fun and exciting to sample them all!

The following is what makes up the enormous variety of foods that comes with eating plant-based. 

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Herbs and spices
  • Grains
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Beans
  • Legumes
  • Plant-based milks and dairy products made from soy, almonds, rice, pea protein, coconut or oats
  • Animal meat alternatives such as veggie patties, tofu, tempeh, facon, etc
  • Vegan sweet food like chocolate, cake, muffins, chips, lollies, doughnuts, and more that is produced without animal-derived products
  • Yeast

What Vegans Don’t Eat

As a general rule, vegans don’t eat any animal meat or animal byproducts.

  • Beef, chicken, fish, pork or any other animal flesh
  • Animal fat or lard
  • Milk, cheese, yoghurt, lactose or cream
  • Eggs
  • Honey
  • Any other animal by-products

💛 Read about Flexitarian vs Vegan vs Vegetarian Diets here.

What Else Vegans Avoid

  • Visiting places that cage or use animals for entertainment like the zoo or circus
  • Buying or wearing fur or other animal-derived clothing such as leather, cashmere, silk, down, wool and some glues
  • Wearing or using cosmetics or other products that test on animals or use animal products such as beeswax or shellac

💛 Are you going shopping as a vegan for the first time? Read our vegan shopping list full of common products vegans eat every day and how to use them in your own dishes!

A Reminder to Beginner Vegans

Every little step towards trying to go vegan counts. If you aren’t all the way there yet, that’s fine. It’s great that you are taking steps in the right direction. To start with, don’t get caught up in trying to label yourself based on your diet. That will come when you feel more confident in the vegan lifestyle. 

Sometimes navigating a vegan diet in a meat-loving world can be difficult. But we don’t want you to be overwhelmed. You are bound to make mistakes when you start being vegan. Don’t feel guilty. See it as a lesson and move on!

💛 Want personal support during your vegan transition? Join our Facebook Group for this plus challenges, advice, tips and lots of food photos!

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