Best Vegan Puns and Sayings to Make You Hap-pea

Best Vegan Puns and Sayings to Make You Hap-pea

We love a good pun around here, so making a list of all the best vegan puns seemed inedible. We decided to fold through as many of the best vegan food puns as we could find, so here’s a generous helping of vegetable puns and a topping of fruit puns to sweeten the deal. Since, as you know, they’re crumb and the same.

The Best Vegan Puns

If you’re hap-pea bean vegan and you’re searching for the best vegan puns that aren’t at all cheesy, for fox sake, leave meat alone and read on!

  • Being vegan is a big missed steak
  • Vegan puns are so corny
  • It takes a lot of nuts to be vegan
  • Vegans go nuts for veggies
  • Vegan from my head tomatoes
  • Vegangster
  • Plant slayer
  • Ha-pea to be vegan
  • I’m not a social vegan. I avoid meet
  • Leave meat alone
  • Just a vegan making vegains
  • Want a cheesy vegan pun? It’s the yeast I can do
  • Romaine calm! I’m just vegan
  • Vegans are fungi’s
  • Being vegan is a cry for kelp
  • Olive my friends are vegan
  • I never dreamed I’d become a super hot vegan. But here I am kalen it
  • Fur fox sake, go vegan!
  • Vegan lentil I die
  • This is just the veganning
  • Go vegan right meow
  • Hola, soy vegano!
  • Viva las vegan
  • V-edgy
  • It vegan with a kiss
  • My vegan puns aren’t cheesy
  • Yes VE-gan!
  • No whey, Jose

Green Puns

If green is the symbolic colour of veganism, green puns will make you hap-pea to be a green-gan again.

  • Green and bear it
  • Green from ear to ear
  • Greens to an end
  • In the greentime
  • Go against the green
  • Take it with a green of salt
  • Green and gone
  • Green there, done that
  • It don’t green a thing
  • Green and not heard
  • Green better days
  • You ain’t green nothin’ yet!
  • I don’t green a thing

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Vegan Christmas Puns

It’s the most pun-derful time of the year with these berry vegan Christmas puns!

  • Avo merry Christmas and a ha-pea new year
  • Have a very straw-berry Christmas!
  • Christmas thyme
  • I’m dreaming of a white Christmas and a bubbly new year!
  • It’s the most wine-derful time of the year
  • We wish you a berry Christmas
  • Time to put out the vegan artisanal cookies and almond milk
  • Merry Cashewmas
  • Hap-pea holidays
  • It’s Christmas! Lettuce party
  • Lettuce snow!
  • Soy to the world
  • Baby it’s kale outside
  • It’s the most wonder-falafel time of the year
  • Ginger bells, ginger bells, ginger all the way
  • Jingle bell-peppers
  • Have olively Christmas
  • Have a tea-riffic Christmas
  • Have a grape Christmas
  • Just pudding it out there
  • Dachshund through the snow
  • Guacin’ around the Christmas tree
  • Have a dill-lightful holiday
  • Merry Christ-mash
  • Tis the seasoning’
  • Seasoning’s greetings!
  • Oh, Christmas tea. Oh, Christmas tea
  • Snowman: The vegans ate my nose!
  • A turkey is for life, not just for Christmas

Best Vegan Sayings

When you’re all vegan, all day you always need a few catchy vegan sayings to support your plant pals at protests and vigils.

  • Real food has mud not blood
  • Vegan is the new black
  • PS I’m Vegan
  • I don’t eat anything that farts/poops
  • Vegan queen
  • Vegan AF
  • Plant pals
  • Veteran vegan
  • Nothing tastes as good as being vegan feels
  • Death in my metal, not in my meals
  • No animals were harmed in the feeding of this body
  • Vegan salad never screams
  • All vegan, all day
  • 100% powered by plants
  • Eat like you give a damn
  • Be happy, eat plants
  • I love you like a pig loves not being bacon
  • Vegan. Sorrynotsorry
  • Veg out
  • Go vegan or go home
  • Faster. Stronger. Vegan.
  • Absolutely vegan
  • Simply vegan
  • Vegan vibes
  • Peace, love, vegan
  • Peace, love, and veggies
  • Good food, good mood
  • Vegan = Love
  • The only thing we need from animals is their forgiveness
  • Friends not food
  • If slaughterhouses had glass walls, the whole world would be vegan
  • Keep calm and go vegan
  • Animals are not ingredients
  • Don’t ask me why I’m vegan. Ask yourself why you are not
  • Go vegan to save the planet
  • You've got other food, they haven’t got another life
  • Love animals, eat plants
  • Don’t ask me about my protein and I won’t ask you about your cholesterol
  • I am post-meat generation
  • Life is better vegan
  • Be kind to every kind
  • Respect existence or expect resistance
  • I am vegan because I listen to my heart, not my habits
  • Stay fit, go vegan
  • Freshen up your vegetable game
  • You are what you eat
  • Humane slaughter is an oxymoron
  • Animal rebellion
  • No blood on my hands
  • Vegan for the animals
  • Vegan because I give a damn
  • Animals don’t have a choice. But you do
  • Animals are not ours to eat
  • Animals love me – plants fear me
  • Be human AND humane
  • Born again vegan
  • Choose compassion
  • Eat beans, not beings
  • Even cows don’t drink milk – So why would you?
  • Every bite counts
  • Feed it, don’t eat it
  • Fish are friends. Not food
  • Forks over knives will save lots of lives
  • Free animals – eat vegetables
  • Got vegetables?
  • I am kind to all living creatures. Just not plants
  • I don’t eat my friends
  • Hug animals. Don’t grill them
  • I love animals. Just not on my plate
  • I think therefore I am vegan
  • Leave meat, change your life
  • Live and let live. Go vegan
  • Make every bite count
  • Make peace, not sausages
  • My body is not a graveyard
  • Not your mother. Not your milk
  • Teach kids to love animals, not eat them
  • The only ethical choice
  • There’s no such thing as “mad carrot disease”
  • There’s nothing sweet about eating meat
  • Vegan food is delicious
  • Veganism is as good as it gets
  • Vegan because I know better
  • A minute on the lips, a lifetime of guilt
  • Vote with your fork
  • Wings are for flying, not frying
  • You have a choice, they don’t
  • Be the person David Attenborough wants you to be

best vegetable puns - vegetables at market

Best Vegetable Puns

We know vegetable puns are just so corny but if you romaine calm and eat up all your veggie puns you get serious vegains. Trust me, food puns are unfortunately my staple form of humour.

Pea Puns

Pretty peas give these terrible pea puns a chance!

  • Spread HAP-PEA-NESS
  • Don’t worry, pea happy
  • Peas, love, happiness
  • Peas be mine
  • Peas get well soon
  • Give peas a chance
  • Find your inner peas
  • Peas not war
  • Girl, peas
  • Pretty peas?
  • Hip-peas

Sweet Potato and Potato Puns

Let me get my “jacket” on and we’ll go starch for the best potato pun. Oh nevermind, chips right here!

  • Best spuddies
  • Taters gonna tate/hate/potate
  • Potato puns are apeeling
  • Why did the French fry win the race? Because it was fast food
  • I didn't choose the spud life, but the spud life chose me.
  • What's the nicest vegetable? A sweet potato
  • I yam what I yam
  • I yam here for you
  • I yam very sweet
  • We got off to a bad starch
  • Time fries when you’re having fun!
  • Just a fry on the wall
  • Chip, chip, hooray!
  • You’re the tomato sauce to my hot chips
  • I value your friendchip
  • Friendchip goals
  • Relationchip goals
  • Thank God it’s Fryday
  • Friend fries
  • Fries before guys
  • Extra fries, not exercise!

Guacamole and Avocado Puns

These funny avocado puns will guac your world! Slice ‘em, smash ‘em and spread ‘em onto an avocado shirt ‘cause guacamole puns are simply avocadorable.

  • Avo good one!
  • Lived happily avo after
  • Congrats! You’re going to avo baby
  • It’s Valentine’s Day! Let’s avocuddle
  • You have an avo-can-do spirit!
  • Bravocado!
  • Avocadorable
  • You’re everything I avo wanted
  • Avo great birthday!
  • Sweet home avocado
  • We make a good avoca-duo
  • Avo-cato
  • Hit guac bottom
  • Guac and roll
  • In a while, guacodile
  • What’s up, guac?
  • You guac my world
  • Holy guacamole!
  • Zero guacs given
  • Rock around the guac tonight
  • Hass, queen!

Broccoli Puns

Brace yourself! The broccoli puns are coming (to broc your socks off!)

  • Rock out with your broc out
  • Broc ‘n’ Roll
  • Melon + Broccoli = Meloncholy
  • You’re a broc-star
  • Broc your socks off
  • Happy Birthday, brockstar!
  • Maybe broccoli doesn’t like you either
  • Bruce Lee’s brother was called Brocco Lee
  • Broccoli is such a stalker
  • What’s up, broc?
  • Broccoli Obama

Radish and Beetroot Puns

Let’s not beet around the bush, these radish and beetroot puns are simply radishing.

  • Totally radish
  • You’re radishing
  • Bohemian radishy
  • It’s time to party, turn up the beet
  • You make my heart skip a beet
  • Beetrue to yourself
  • A good gardener doesn’t miss a beet
  • Nothing beets you
  • Up beet, down beet, sick beet, dead beet
  • Turnip the beet
  • Don’t beet yourself up
  • Just beet it
  • Don’t beet around the bush
  • Feelin’ up beet
  • Beeter late than never

Brussels Sprout Puns

It was hard, but I managed to brussel up the best brussel sprout puns for you right here.

  • Every day I’m brusselin’
  • Brussel and heart will set you apart
  • Sprout, sprout, let it all out
  • Peace out, brussels sprout
  • Sprout it from the rooftops
  • Twist and sprout
  • Hungry? Let me brussel up some dinner

Leafy Green, Celery & Kale Puns

Let’s celery-brate these amazing celery puns and don’t leaf these grate kale puns on the table.

  • Celleripped
  • You used to call me on my cellery phone
  • Don’t celery yourself short
  • Not nece-celery
  • Time to celery-brate
  • Celery-brate good times, c’mon!
  • Celebrate the good times
  • Ha, ha! You kale me!
  • Oh kale yeah!
  • If looks could kale
  • Don’t kale my vibe
  • Kale ‘em with kindness
  • License to kale
  • If looks could kale
  • Take it or leaf it
  • Love them and leaf them
  • Choy to the world
  • Stop stalking me
  • Laughing stalk

Mushroom Puns

Say porto-hello to the best mushroom puns on the internet! They’re funging awesome.

  • Let's give them something shitake about
  • There’s so mushroom in my heart for you
  • Boom, shake, shake, shake mushroom
  • Thank you so mush
  • I’m a fungi with questionable morels
  • Pretty fly for a fungi
  • It’s your birthday, have fungus
  • Funging awesome
  • Play that fungi music
  • My comedic expertise is not to be truffled with
  • That’s what friends are spore
  • You’re sporegeous
  • I don’t give a shiitake
  • Holy shiitake, it’s your birthday!
  • Shiitake happens and then you die
  • Porto-hello
  • Cremineat
  • Eno-keep up the good work
  • Boost your morels
  • The morel of the story
  • Morel dilemma
  • Cute as a button mushroom

Corn Puns

I know you’ll think these corn puns are super corny, but I think they’re a-maize-ing.

  • Corn to be wild
  • Corn’t we all just get along?
  • You corn count on me
  • Here today, corn tomorrow
  • Corn, but not forgotten
  • You’re in good corn-pany
  • Feelin’ corn-fortable in my skin!
  • We’ve got some stiff corn-petition
  • … It’s corn-plicated
  • Don’t starch what you corn’t finish
  • Keeping up with the Corndashians
  • Husk a silly question and you’ll get a silly answer
  • Husk and you shall receive
  • What a load of crop!
  • Corn star
  • I know it’s corny, but you are a-maize-ing

Man with dog for Best vegan puns and sayings

Carrot Puns

I don’t carrot all what you think, these are funny carrot puns.

  • Keep calm and carrot on
  • Carrate
  • 24 carrot gold
  • Carrot in hell!
  • Spoiled carrotten
  • A carrot with right angles is known as a square root
  • I carrot live a day without veggies

Chilli Puns

These chilli puns are getting jalapeño business, these spicy puns are hot stuff, these pepper puns are just a lil’ chill.

  • I’m feeling chilli so warm me up
  • I’m not cold, I’m just a little chilli
  • Just chillin’
  • Chilli out on your birthday
  • Jalapeño business
  • Hey hot stuff
  • Even when you’re a little chilli, you’re hot
  • Netflix and chilli?
  • Chilli sin carne
  • You spice up my life
  • Cayenne-not believe it!
  • Chillies that are too spicy are hella-pain-yo
  • Cayenne I get a witness?
  • Poblano Picasso

Lettuce Puns

Lettuce pray for these lettuce puns, puns about lettuce are on our daily bread.

  • Lettuce celebrate
  • Lettuce pray
  • This foundation is rock salad
  • Lettuce be thankful
  • Lettuce do our best
  • Lettuce romaine friends
  • Lettuce grow old and wilt together
  • Lettuce turnip the beet
  • Lettuce in!
  • Everybody romaine calm
  • You’re so romainetic

Salad Puns

Just tossing around some ideas but I’ll try dressing these salad puns to your appetite.

  • If you were a vegetable, you’d be a cutecumber
  • You’re one cutecumber I’d love to pickle
  • I love you/thank you/vegan from my head tomatoes
  • Out of everyone in the world, I pickle you
  • Slaw and order
  • Bland salad needs addressing
  • If you accidentally see the salad dressing, try not to look
  • Toss me like a salad
  • I am Caesar of salad puns
  • A salad-mander is my favourite type of vegan amphibian
  • If you aren’t a salad, then why are you dressed?
  • Salad-dor Dali
  • Leaf me/meat alone!

Olive Puns

These olive puns have to be the best in olive history, and these olive oil puns are oil you’ll ever need.

  • Olive you very much!
  • Olive you from my head tomatoes
  • Olive you oil the time
  • Olive silly food puns!
  • Olive the nightlife
  • Keep hope olive
  • Best puns olive time
  • Olive the food puns!
  • You’re oil I need

Legume, Soy and Bean Puns

If you’ve bean vegan for a while, you’ll find these bean puns ab-soy-lutely amazing.

  • Eat beans, not beings
  • Bean thinking of you
  • Have an Aquafabulous birthday/day
  • You set my pulses racing
  • Cooked differently, chickpea puns are falawful
  • Hey chickpea! Hum-us a song!
  • Words cannot express hummus I love you
  • Hummus where the heart is
  • Spread hummus not hate
  • It ain’t over lentil it’s over!
  • It’s all fun and games lentil someone gets hurt
  • We cannoli dream
  • Cool beans
  • You’re my favourite human bean
  • Beanormous vegan
  • Vegan because I bean around
  • Soy you think you can dance?
  • There’s only soy much you can do
  • What did you just soy?
  • Never soy never
  • Soy you think you’re better than me, hey?
  • Soya bean up to much lately?
  • My soy milk frees all the cows from the yard
  • Mention protein again and I’ll lose my tempeh
  • You’re soy great!

Tofu Puns

Tofu puns might tasteless, but tofu sure isn’t!

  • That tofu pun was so funny I almost soyled my pants
  • Tofu the mornin’ to ya!
  • Can’t take my eyes off tofu
  • You are tofu-riffic
  • You are tofu-king cute
  • I want tofu tonight
  • Happy birthday tofu, happy birthday tofu, happy birthday dear vegan, happy birthday tofu
  • It just a-curd to me…
  • R2-Tofu
  • Everybody was tofu fighting
  • What tofu?!
  • Tofu or not tofu. That is the question
  • Tofu never screams

Herb Puns

I herb you like puns so let’s make a pesto out of these herb puns, basil puns, thyme puns, sage puns, spice puns, and salt puns.

  • Good chives only
  • Baby you can chive my car
  • We are mint to be
  • Loving you all the thyme
  • Better luck next thyme
  • All in good thyme
  • You’re kinda a big dill
  • Dill with it
  • License to dill
  • We were just mint to be
  • In a bit of a pickle
  • I herb it on the grape vine
  • I herb it's your birthday/anniversary
  • Clove is in the air
  • I clove you so much!
  • I clove you undill the end of thyme
  • It’s the fennel count down
  • Herbivorous Rex
  • Herb your enthusiasm
  • Elvis Parsley
  • Pars-leave me alone
  • In need of some sage advice
  • Hit me with your best shallot
  • You’re unbayleafable
  • I hate it when bay leaves
  • When ore-gano arrive?
  • You add the spice to my life
  • If there was a problem, yo’ I salt it
  • You’re sodium cute!
  • That was sodium funny!
  • That’s a-salt!
  • I was going to make a salt pun… but Na
  • The daily grind

Other Veggie Puns

These v-edgy vegetable puns are radishing, they’re far grater than your everyday veggie puns. While I’m at it, maybe I can saute up some asparagus puns, roast some pumpkin puns and boil some oat puns and we’ll have a dinner pun-ty.

  • It’s the fennel countdown
  • Shake a leek!
  • We’re rooting for you!
  • You’re my favouroot person
  • Country pumpkin
  • You’re gourdgeous
  • Life is gourd
  • Give ‘em pumpkin to talk about
  • I’m a pun-king
  • 🎃𝛑
  • Sassparagus
  • I have a flat tyre. I should’ve brought asparagus
  • Kick some asparag-ass
  • You are my soil mate
  • You’re my swede-heart
  • Oat’s about time!
  • In search of fresh vegetable puns, lettuce know?
  • Veggiesaurus
  • Medi-date-ing

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Fruit Puns

These funny fruit puns are punbelievable. Puns about fruit are puntastic. I could go on...

Apple Puns

These clever apple puns are appeeling to their core!

  • You’re the apple of my pie
  • I apple-solutely appreciate it
  • I’d like to apple-ogise
  • Let’s live appley ever after
  • Apple-rently it’s your birthday!
  • I find you very appeeling
  • You’re awesome to the core
  • I’ve got all the incider information
  • 🍎𝛑
  • I got a strong appletite!
  • Of core-se you’re sweet!

Pineapple Puns

These pineapple puns are as sweet as a piña colada.

  • If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple
  • You are one fine-apple
  • I pine for you!
  • I’m having pineapple on everything lately. It’s just Hawaii roll
  • Hey you must be a pineapple, because you’ve very ap-peel-ing
  • Tropic like it's hot
  • You are the pineapple of my eye
  • Party like a pineapple
  • You are the piña to my colada
  • Peace, love, and pineapples
  • When life hands you pineapples, make piña coladas
  • Passports and pineapples
  • Be like a pineapple, always wear your own crown
  • Work that crown

Banana Puns

A bunch of banana puns that are so sick, they might just have yellow fever.

  • I’m bananas for you, let’s never split
  • Happy banana-versary
  • He’s going bananas!
  • I’m head over peels for you
  • Peel the burn
  • Pick of the bunch
  • Thanks a bunch
  • They’ve got yellow fever
  • I hope you peel better soon
  • Yellow, nice to meet you
  • Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana
  • Dat pot-ASS-ium tho
  • Boo-nana
  • Bana-no!

Peach Puns

I a-peach-iate you tolerating these terrible peach puns.

  • Peach for the stars
  • You’ve got a peach of my heart
  • We were made for peach other
  • Peach to their own
  • Thanks! I ap-peach-iate it
  • Practice what you peach
  • Nasty peach of work
  • You’ve left me speachless
  • I hope your day is as peachy as your butt
  • Peach on Earth

Orange Puns

These oranginal orange puns are sure to receive some citrisisum.

  • You’re my main squeeze
  • Squeeze the day
  • Exsqueeze me!
  • Orange you happy to be vegan?
  • Orange you glad we met?
  • Orange you just the best
  • You are definitely orange-inal!
  • I can orange that!
  • Zest friends forever
  • Laughter is the zest medicine

best fruit puns - vegan fruit pancakes

Lime and Lemon Puns

Lime puns are sublime, lemon puns are the zest, citrus puns are all juice and no seeds.

  • Lime all yours
  • Lime feelin’ good!
  • Sorry, I’m bad at pickup limes
  • You deserve the lime-light
  • Drop me a lime sometime?
  • Sublime
  • Blurred limes
  • My whole life is a lime
  • It’s party lime!
  • It’s the most wonderful lime of the year
  • Blimey!
  • Will you be my valen-lime
  • Lemon aid
  • Lemon-cello
  • Lemon tell you!
  • John Lemon
  • Easy peasy, lemon squeezy
  • Lemon slayer
  • The zest day of my life
  • You’re the zest
  • I don’t quite get the zest of these puns
  • The wild, wild zest
  • Never rind!
  • Citrus got real!
  • Citra-ass down!
  • All juice, no seeds
  • I’m sour-ry
  • Don’t be a sour puss
  • Dino-sours
  • Lemons are sour, so get juiced to it

Cherry Puns

These cheery cherry puns are just cherrific!

  • I love you cherry much
  • I cherry-ish you
  • I miss you cherry-bly
  • Cherry-oh, bye-bye!
  • Cheery
  • You’re the cherry on my cake
  • You’re cherrific
  • Have a cherry good birthday!
  • I hope you cherry up soon
  • Merci, mon chérri
  • Eat, drink and be cherry
  • Cherry on, my wayward son
  • 🍒𝛑

Strawberry Puns

These strawberry puns are well red.

  • Hand over all your money! This is a stroberry
  • You’re the chocolate to my strawberry
  • Strawberry feels forever
  • Stuck in a traffic jam
  • 🍓𝛑
  • Red yourself thin
  • You’re straw-berry sweet/cute
  • Thank you stro-berry much
  • You’re two sweet
  • Strawberry dai-query
  • Strawberries playing the guitar make the perfect jam session

Jam and Berry Puns

You’ll never be stuck in a jam with these sweet berry puns. Plus an extra serving of jam puns to spread the love.

  • Thank you berry much
  • These are berry bad food puns
  • I miss you berry much
  • You’re the berry best
  • Life’s berry short, spread the love
  • Woah black berry, bam-ba-lam
  • Respect your elder-berries
  • Keep jam and carry scones
  • You’re my jam
  • Let’s jam!
  • Stuck in a jam
  • Pump up the jam
  • Toe jam

Grape Puns

I’ve gone to grape lengths to compile these grape puns.

  • No challenge is too grape
  • For all creatures, grape and small
  • Let’s use logic and raisin
  • I’m grapeful for our friendship
  • You did a grape job raisin’ me
  • Alexander the Grape
  • Grape… Just grape!
  • You’re being un-raisin-able

Melon and Watermelon Puns

Funny watermelon puns to make your melon-choly disappear. Blistering melon puns to make you lose your rind!

  • Whatamelon!
  • Water-meow-lon
  • Thanks a melon
  • I’m so waterme-lonely
  • Not in a melon years!
  • You are one in a melon
  • You look like a melon bucks!
  • Water you doing this weekend?
  • Nice melons
  • You complete me in a melon ways
  • What’s that strange smelon?
  • Don’t be so melon-dramatic!
  • I wanna be a melon-aire
  • Feeling a little melon-choly
  • Why try to marry when you cantaloupe
  • You make me lose my rind
  • Melonnials are the best geneation
  • That’s seedy
  • Honeydew you know how happy you make me?

Mango Puns

If he doesn’t appreciate these funny mango puns, then girl; you gotta let that mango!

  • It takes two to mango
  • Everyday is mango-nificent
  • If you love him, don’t let that mango
  • It’s enough to make any man-go bananas
  • You can make a mango crazy!
  • Mango, mangoing, mangone
  • Mangood job!
  • The plural of mango should be mengo
  • Mango Unchained
  • Vincent Mango
  • Mango Fandango

Pear Puns

These pear puns are positively un-pearable!

  • We make a great pear
  • We are the pearfect couple
  • To me, you’re pearfect
  • A fresh pear of eyes
  • I’ll be pear in spirit
  • Hang in pear, pal
  • Neither here, nor pear
  • Nothing compears to you!
  • Don’t give into pear-pressure
  • I’ll be pear in spirit
  • Grow a pear
  • Neither here, nor pear
  • Split pear-sonality
  • The Empearor Strikes Back
  • It’s all gone pear-shaped

Kiwi Fruit Puns

I’m a bit of a tart for these kiwi fruit puns.

  • Kiwi be friends?
  • You hold the kiwi to my heart
  • Our love will kiwi us through
  • You gotta be kiwi-ing me!
  • I’m kiwious

Smoothie Puns

What do you get when you blend together these fruit puns, juice puns, and fruit smoothie puns? You get this exstraw special post.

  • I’d guava be a smoothie
  • Smoothie operator
  • What’s shakin’?
  • Shake it up
  • We blend well together
  • We’re the perfect blend
  • You’re such a smoothie
  • Juice be yourself
  • You are juice the cutest
  • I ran out of juice
  • You’re extstraw special
  • My soymilk frees all the cows from the yard
  • If tomatoes are a fruit, doesn’t that make tomato sauce a smoothie?
  • I not drinking beer, it’s a wheat smoothie
  • You’re my main squeeze
  • I can’t concentrate

Other Fruit Puns

Get your funny fruit puns ‘ere! We got plum puns, fig puns, papaya puns… They’re all plum-believable, and they’re all free. Today only.

  • Fruit as a button
  • Thanks a bunch
  • Save the date!
  • Sorry you’re not peeling well
  • A straight fruiter
  • Just fruit me
  • Don’t give a fig
  • You’ve got it all figured out
  • I figging love you
  • Would you fig-give me?
  • No fig deal
  • You’re fig-ging awesome!
  • Go fig or go home
  • I peel that the time is ripe to make fruit puns
  • A step in the ripe direction
  • Step ripe up!
  • Alripe already!
  • Pittersweet goodbye
  • Life is sweet
  • Stay golden
  • Stay fresh
  • Tooty-fruity
  • You are plum-believable!
  • You’re my number plum
  • It’s just plum crazy
  • They don’t guava clue!
  • I guava bone to pick with you
  • I love it when you call me papaya
  • A sleepy fruit is called a nap-ricot

    vegan tacos for vegan food puns

    Other Vegan Food Puns

    Funny food puns cracker me up, soup puns are a laughing stock, taco puns have mixed fillings, and pizza puns are cheesy.

    • Hey! What cha taco about? - Nacho business man!
    • Nacho average puns
    • I’m here to taco ‘bout our lord and salsa
    • Taco you later!
    • I have mixed fillings about this
    • You’re such a hot tea
    • You’re souper
    • That’s soup-herb!
    • Souper hero
    • Souper douper
    • The veggie soup is out of stock!
    • I soup-pose it is
    • You make miso happy
    • Misomaniac
    • Pho sho
    • I’m crazy pho you
    • Keep calm and eat ramen
    • The only men I want is ra-men
    • I’ll always ramen-bour your birthday!
    • She’s an impasta
    • Life is about exploring pastabilities
    • I am tortellini in love with you
    • Penne for your thoughts
    • Send noods
    • Udon worry, be happy
    • Party like udon care
    • Udon know me!
    • You’re all that and dim sum
    • You’ll always have a pizza my heart
    • You want a pizza me?
    • I donut bite
    • I love you a waffle lot
    • I’m so glad I falafel for you
    • Feed two birds with one scone
    • You crack-er me up!
    • Bae-rito
    • Legalise marinara
    • We’re a matcha made in heaven
    • Espresso yourself!
    • I love you a latte
    • I came, I seed, I conquered
    • Eat more hole foods

    Nut Puns

    We’ve put all these nut puns, almond puns, peanut puns, pecan puns in a nutshell. Having pun yet?

    • I’m nuts about you
    • Believe it or nut
    • Nut on your life
    • That’s nuts!
    • Nuts are packed with nut-rients
    • Don’t get your knickers in a nut
    • Morning, noon and nut
    • Like two peanuts in a pod
    • Down, but nut out
    • Astronut
    • It’s been all for nut’un
    • We’re tying the nut
    • There’s almonds in the air tonut
    • Plant-based nut-rition
    • Nuts cost an almond and a leg
    • Have an omega happy birthday!
    • As alike as two peanuts in a pod
    • If you like peanut coladas...
    • Inhale peanut butter, exhale negativity
    • Cashew later!
    • I’m gonna cash-ew!
    • Cashew! Bless you
    • Goody two cashews
    • Wal-nut in so many words
    • Bouncing off the walnuts
    • Palm down!
    • You’re a pine in the nut
    • No pine, no gain
    • Pinefully slow
    • Pines and needles
    • Burning the candlenut at both ends

      Bread Puns

      Most bread is vegan, which means you knead these bread puns in your life in the very yeast!

      • Bready or not, here I crumb!
      • Funny bread puns never get mold
      • Born and bread
      • Better off bread
      • Bread puns happen when you yeast expect them
      • These bread puns get a glu-ten/10
      • Please don’t bahn mi from making bread puns
      • I loaf you dough much
      • Let’s grow mould together
      • All you knead is love
      • You’re my roll model
      • You're bunderful!
      • Nice buns *wink*
      • You're the only bun for me
      • A-bun-dance
      • Bun in a million
      • You're un-burger-liveable!
      • Happy Burg-day!
      • You hamburgled my heart
      • Uncrustworthy
      • Another one bites the crust
      • You caught my rye
      • I knew you could dough it!
      • Stop loafing around
      • Oh, crumb on!
      • Ryes and shine
      • Whole-y grain you bread my mind!
      • You take my bread away
      • I see bread people
      • Are you bready?
      • I knead dough to live
      • Going against the whole grain
      • Agrainst all odds
      • A no-grainer
      • Nothing ventured, nothing grained
      • No pain, no grain
      • All brawn and no grains
      • Here we go agrain
      • You can say that agrain
      • You’re the loaf of my life
      • I knead you, I loaf you
      • I’m a crepe, I’m a weirdough
      • After the bakery burned down, business was toast

      Seitan Puns

      If you didn’t already know, seitan is a vegan meat made from wheat protein. That’s why we hail seitan and put these puns on a seitan t-shirt.

      • Hail Seitan
      • Kale Seitan
      • Not today, Seitan!
      • Seitan’s waiting
      • Seitan made me do it!
      • Child of Seitan
      • Seitan is a godsent

      Cooking Puns

      Don’t get your pantries in a twist, these cooking puns and culinary puns will bake you crazy!

      • Wok hard, play hard
      • All in a day’s wok
      • You go grill!
      • Rule with an iron feast
      • Keep calm and curry on
      • Crumb to think of it…
      • Crumb to your senses
      • Last, but not yeast
      • I’m flipping pantastic
      • You melt my heart
      • You bake me crazy
      • Slice, slice baby!
      • You CAN do it!
      • This is how we stew it
      • Rock out with your crock out
      • Hit me with your best pot
      • We’re a batch made in heaven
      • It’s all about that baste
      • Bake the world a better place
      • Don’t go baking my heart
      • Chop it like it’s hot
      • For goodness bakes
      • Bake it happen!

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